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Ways You Can Market Your Business Using Social Media

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram—they are all free social media platforms businesses can use nowadays to spread brand awareness and engage with their fans and followers directly.


At first glance, many would get the impression using social media for business and engagement is free, easy, and fast.


However, there is actually more to social media than meets the eye.


For starters, getting the word out about your brand alone will take time even if you use social media.


Fortunately, there are several ways you can use social media to engage with your fans and market your business and we’ve enumerated some of them here:


Establish your social media channels early.


It is not advisable to wait until your launch day prior to creating your social media channels.


Ideally, it would be wise to create and establish your social media presence and accounts as early as possible.


However, you might wonder what you will be sharing before launching your business?


Allow your fans and followers to warm up to you by sharing beneficial information about your brand and industry.


Work at becoming a reliable source of information and connect with your others in your industry to help establish both your clout and trustworthiness.


Ensure you have an exceptional relationship with influencers.


Akin to having a social media presence prior to launching, you also need to build a relationship with influencers in your industry before you “need” them.


Prior to establishing a relationship, you need to take note of bloggers, journalists, and other influencers who are considered authorities in your industry.


Read, share, and comment on their posts when appropriate.


Connecting and establishing a relationship with experts, authorities, and influencers in your industry can help your brand and business at some point down the road.


When you are ready to launch and you approach them, they are more likely to recognize you and more receptive when you already have some sort of connection and relationship with them.


Determine where your target audience hangs out.


Prior to having a social media presence, you first need to identify where your target audience frequents.


Once you are able to figure out where your target audience is, you should examine those social media platforms and take your targeted advertising there.


Figure out what people are talking about, where they hang out, and take it from there.


Identifying where your target audience hangs out will take time since it will also entail looking for users who are discussing issues that are crucial to your brand and business.


Fortunately, nowadays, there are a lot of social media listening tools you can use.


Join discussions and conversations.


Brands nowadays can make use of features like Google Hangouts and Twitter chats to talk about things that are related to the industry or brand.


You can also join discussions on popular and relevant topics using hashtags.


While you can’t directly ask people to patronize your products or services, you are still doing your brand a whole world of good since you will be raising brand awareness.


While Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn are considered the most receptive social networking sites for brands and businesses, no platform is off limits given that you adapt the content you post to suit it.


As a general rule of thumb, you need to understand a particular community prior to joining and becoming a part of that community.


As long as you have that part covered and not merely joining discussions just to promote your business, then you have a higher chance of succeeding.


Ideally, the perfect ratio would be 90/10–ninety percent should focus on sharing beneficial information and other people’s content while 10 percent would be promotional.

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