Top 10 most followed tweeters

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According to twitter they have 310 million monthly active users (i.e. those that log in) and a lot of these are on the platform to feel closer to their favourite celebrities and gain a window into their world.

But who gains the most share of this and how do their uses of twitter vary? The top 10 followed accounts as of today are:

  1. Katy Perry – 90,079,002 followers
  2. Justin Bieber – 83,943,577 followers
  3. Taylor Swift – 79,042,906 followers
  4. Barack – 75,825,094 followers
  5. Youtube – 62,786,964 followers
  6. Rihanna – 62,250,236 followers
  7. Lady Gaga – 60,957,429 followers
  8. Ellen Degeneres – 60,632,359 followers
  9. Justin Timberlake – 55,682,809 followers
  10. twitter – 55,542,457 followers

Now not all of the followers of these accounts will fall into the ‘active users’ figure but even so, 90M is still a huge portion of the user base to have following you, hats off to Katie Perry!  This list also proves how entertainment heavy twitter is a a social platform. 7 out of the 10 are famous for entertainment, 2 are official platform accounts and the other is the President of the United States.

The individuals usage is also notably different. Justin Bieber, Barack Obama and Lady Gaga all follow over 100,000 people. Whilst Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift all follow less than 300 each.  Suggesting some celebrities are interested in what others are tweeting, whilst others are less so.

Of course with so many followers their accounts will just be a constant stream of notifications, which is in part the reason twitter recently launched their engage app for popular accounts.  More details to follow…

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