Sssssh, here’s a dirty little secret…

I’m about to let you in on a dirty little secret. It’s not something I’m proud of. In fact, it feels rather dirty to admit it actually.

People will tell you you shouldn’t do it, that its morally wrong. Professionals will tell it goes against all best practice and only the unclean do it.

It felt wrong at first, but after a while it felt so right. To hell with convention, to hell with what everyone else thinks.

So here it is, my dirty little twitter secret……

…..I’ve paid for twitter followers, and it worked!

I know what you are thinking. Who is this fraudster? Sitting at his laptop dishing out twitter advice when he’s out there paying for fake twitter followers? Telling us it is all about engagement and not numbers and then defying his own recommendations?

So let me explain.

I have never bought followers on my own personal account. There would be no point.

But I have tested different accounts in a number of niches where I have struggled, despite my best efforts to generate a following. I have also had accounts where I wanted quick growth and so natural generation of a following seemed unappealing.

And I have to admit, it worked. Of course the followers dropped off over time, as accounts got blocked or the seller moved them on to other accounts. But once I had the following it was easy to replace them with real ones.

Some of this will be down to twitters suggested account algorithms, and some of it will be down to human psychology. I do it myself when deciding whether to follow somebody. I check their tweets, their bio and then I use there follower count (and their following to follower ratio) as a form of social proof that they are worth following. The more followers and the better the ratio the more chance I will follow them.

And this is what my tests have proven. You are more likely to generate real follows if you have a follower base already. So starting from zero is tough and you have to work hard to generate your first few hundred followers, the next few hundred tend to come easier. The same rule applies when counting in thousands too.

So if you have an account which needs a large following, maybe you should consider it….

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