What should you tweet about

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When i first heard that you can only write posts with 140 characters or less, i wondered what the hell to write in such a short blog post. Well, answering the question above the text input field seemed like a good idea. So, i wrote what i was doing. But i soon realized this doesn’t really provide any value to my followers.

Providing value in 140 characters can sometimes be anything but easy. What i have learned is that it is best to provide value while engaging with people. So, in addition to posting what you’re doing you should as well tweet about the following.

  • Share good websites that you’re browsing.
  • Share multimedia. Found a good video or picture? Share it.
  • Trigger conversations, reply to people, or ask them something.
  • Help people by answering their questions.
  • Retweet the tweets you like.
  • If someone has done someting for you, thank them.

These are just a few examples of what you can tweet about. As you can see, a nice mix of everyithing seems to work nicely. Overdoing one thing can become annoying and can drive people away. Just keep it balanced.