General Twitter tips for starters

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When you first join Twitter, fill in your bio page and don’t forget to add the link to your website. First thing people will look at is your profile and they will want to see your place on the web. If there’s nothing to see in your bio, chances of anyone following you go down dramatically.

Use an avatar that is actually showing you, preferably your face and not your dog or cat. Group pictures are not a good idea either, because people don’t know which one is you. And try to upload a photo that is not all blurry and out of focus.

Don’t use too many one word tweets, write full sentences and don’t forget aboutgrammar. It is very annoying to read all small letters without punctuation.

If you really want to autofollow back when someone follows you, please don’t use an autoreply to ask me to visit your site. If someone is going to follow you they will check out your site anyway.

Do not follow hundreds of people right away. It looks suspicious if you follow many and nobody follows you back. If you do this they will think you are using a bot and most probably will not follow you back.

Don’t rush to build up your network, you can start by following your friends. Then you can check out the people your friends are following, you may even know some of them.

These were some really basic tips for starters, hope they were useful to you.