10 tips to get more Twitter followers

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The most popular method is to find people and follow them. The more people you follow the more followers you will get. Sounds easy, but if you are only going to follow a mass of twitterers and not provide any value, then many will unfollow you eventually. And if you follow too many at once, you will ruin your following/followers ratio, which will make people think you’re a scammer or a bot user and will not follow you at all. Unless you are a celebrity or famous on internet for whatever reason, you will have to work a bit to get more followers.

  • Tip 1: Follow to get followed, but take it easy. Don’t follow 500 people a day. Keep your following/followers ratio near 1:1. Let’s say you follow 500 people and have 500 followers, then it would not be wise to follow 500 more in one day, rather in a week or more.
  • Tip 2: Provide value, share interesting stuff, give relevant information. If you read something interesting on the web, share the link. Participate in conversations.
  • Tip 3: Fill in your bio and picture. People get turned away if there’s nothing to see in your Twitter profile. Write something about yourself and add a picture, preferably one that shows you. People like to know who they talk to.
  • Tip 4: Create a blog or a website. In addition to filling in your bio, a link to your blog will provide more information about you. It will show your personality in a more detailed way than the short bio in your Twitter profile.
  • Tip 5: Re-tweet whatever you find valuable and reply to your followers. They will do the same to you and your name will appear to their followers.
  • Tip 6: Participate in a Twitter party. If there’s a Twitter meetup in your area, make sure to be there. You’ll find many new followers there.
  • Tip 7: Share your Twitter username on your social networks, on the forums and blogs, get listed in Twitter directories.
  • Tip 8: Be you and be original. Don’t be afraid to say what you think. A good opinion on something will get retweeted or replied to and will expose your profile. Also, personalize your profile, change colors and background.
  • Tip 9: Tweet regularly. That doesn’t mean you have to tweet 24/7, but try to do it every day. If people see your profile was last updated 1 week ago, they will probably not follow you.
  • Tip 10: Finally, balance all of the above. If all you do is talk about yourself and what you do or if you only promote your product all the time, people will get tired of you. Good idea is to post 1-2 out of 10 messages about you and the rest to provide value to your followers. Balance is the key.

How do you get followers? What are your tips?