Twitter Tools to Effectively Manage and Analyze Followers

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Managing your followers and friends on Twitter is not easy. Once you have hundreds or thousands of followers, it becomes difficult to manage them all. It’s a fact that your success ratio and influence power is directly proportional to how active your followers are. Twitter does not offer enough on their website to effectively manage your followers. Site analytics and subscriber counters can give a good idea of how many people are reading your content, but there are more Twitter tools to help you manage and analyze followers. Here are some interesting web based applications that I found to be of great help. I will not go deep into detail for each of these tools, because they are extremely easy to use.

Twitter Analyzer

Twitter Analyzer is very advanced Twitter analytic system. Unlike many other Twitter tools, Twitter Analyzer does not require you to enter you Twitter password. You simply type in the @name of who you’d like to analyze and it will show you really many statistics about that user and his followers.
It can show you who are your closest friends on Twitter by showing you who retweets your messages. You can see who is writing about you,  how popular are you and your friends, map locations of your friends and much more. All that in very nice and easy to read graphs. I could keep going on, but take a look for yourself.

Tweet Stats

TweetStats is another great tool to analyze Twitterers. Similar to Twitter Analyzer, but with fewer options. Type the Twitter ID that you would like to analyze and TweetStats will then automatically generate a detailed report about the tweeting style and trend of the user.

It will show you tweeting density of a user, so you can see at what time of the day they tweet the most, as well as number of tweets in a particular month, day, or week. You can as well see what interface (web, TweetDeck, etc) they use the most for tweeting.

Manage your friends and followers with tags

With Twittangle you can rate and tag your friends and filter them on a timeline. You can also create custom groups of your followers and filter your timeline by that group. It’s quite an effective tool.

Friend or Follow?

Who are you following that’s not following you back? Who’s following you that you’re not following back? Find out on FriendOrFollow. All you need to do here is enter your Twitter name and it will show you the results. Too bad it only shows you stats, so you will have to manually follow or unfollow those people.

What is your Twitter Karma?

Twitter Karma is one of my favorite tools to manage followers. It shows you who does not follow you back, who are those that only follow you and you don’t follow them and more. With just a few clicks you can mark those you don’t want to follow anymore and it will automatically unfollow them. Additionally, you can mark those that you want to follow and it will follow them all at once. You can mass follow, unfollow, delete and block people with Twitter Karma, which would take you ages to do on Twitter itself.


Tweepler displays a list of new followers of your Twitter account. Click on the left arrow to follow them back or the right arrow to ignore them. Ignore only archives them out of the way and only acts for organizational purposes. Do not confuse this ignore with Twitter’s block functionality, it is not the same.

Optionally click the More Details link. This will show you detailed information like average tweets, total tweets, number of followers, number following and the followers to following ratio.

Tools to identify and unfollow inactive accounts

Over time many of your followers have probably become inactive for various reasons. If you follow back most people that follow you, then you will eventually get some inactive followers. There’s no point following dead accounts that give no value. With these tools you can find inactive accounts and unfollow them with ease.

Here are a few web based Twitter tools that will automatically unfollow inactive accounts: Huitter, MyCleenr and UnTweeps.

Twittoria is another tool that will identify inactive accounts, but will not automatically unfollow them. You will have to do that manually.

Learn more about your followers

With TwitterSheep you can see what types of people are following you and your tweets. Enter your twitter ID and within seconds, a tag cloud will be generated. Below is a word cloud generated from bios of my followers. Looks like my followers are mostly into social media, marketing, blogging and internet stuff.