Top 7 Photo Sharing Tools for Twitter

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In all its greatness Twitter does not offer direct image sharing. Whether this is good or bad is up to you to decide. But because of that, a large number of third-party services have been developed to fill that need. I made a list of the 7 most popular photo sharing services for Twitter. I will sort the list alphabetically.

  • Picktor is a social picture management service & community that enables users to manage their photos, share their photos, and interact with multiple online communities. Did I mention it is very simple to use? And it uses Twitter’s oAuth implementation, so you can be sure your Twitter login details are safe.
    Pikchur is a multi-platform simple service that updates your social networks / micro-blogging platforms with pictures. Sign up is optional, you can just login with one of their many supported platforms and start sending your pictures right away.
    Pixim is another simple tool for sharing photos on Twitter. Simply login via Twitter and post photos.
    TweetPhoto offers a number of advanced options, such as stats, geo-tagging, favoriting and many more. I wrote more about it in my previous post. Here as well you login with your Twitter account.
    Twitgoo is another simple photo sharing tool. When you login (with your Twitter login), it looks much like Twitter web interface, except that you can attach photos to your tweets.
    TwitPic is currently the largest and most popular image sharing service for Twitter. Due to its popularity, there are also popular twitter clients that have built-in support for TwitPic. Do I have to mention you can use it with your Twitter login and password?
    yfrog comes from the guys behind ImageShack and you can bet it is very simple to use. Upload, log in (yes, with your Twitter account), share and that’s it. Simple and fast.

There are more photo sharing services for Twitter out there, if there’s one that should be on this list feel free to leave a comment. Which is your favorite?