Do You Mix Business and Pleasure on Twitter?

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Many people who see Twitter for the first time ask what’s the point in that, especially after they see the big question “What are you doing?”. I must admit I was one of them for a long time. However, I have soon realised people are using it for so many other purposes, quite often as part of their business. I believe Twitter wasn’t originally meant to be something that people would use for business and make money from it, but that’s what it became. I don’t mind a professional tweet now and then, but users who are there only to make money usually don’t bring any value and are not even fun to read.

I use Twitter for many purposes. I use it as a tool to get valuable information, I use it for fun and personal stuff and I will not lie to you, I use it to promote my blogs a bit as well. But except a few tweets when I make a new topic on blog, I don’t really tweet for business. I’m not one of them super tweeters, who tweet all day long either, I simply just don’t have time for that. But I do get a lot of news and information from Twitter. I’ve got a few searches open up on TweetDeck all the time. So, could this be considered as using Twitter for business? Maybe.

I would like to know how do you use Twitter. How do you mix it all up? Is it mostly for business or pleasure or both equally? Are your tweets mostly professional or personal? Did your tweeting habbits change over time? What do you think is the right mix of business and social tweeting?