20 Twitter Directories to Find More Friends and Followers

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Trying to find new friends on Twitter? Since Twitter’s search doesn’t offer enough in the way of people search features, finding interesting people to follow could be a giant time sink. Luckily there are quite a few Twitter directories that you can use to find new people to follow. Twitter directories are places to search and find new Twitter users to follow based on your own interests. In this post I will list 20 Twitter directories where you can search people with similar interests and where you can submit your Twitter profile to get listed and get more followers. The list is alphabetically ordered.

  1. Analyst Twitter Directory. This is a directory of industry analysts that tweet. Big list and regularly updated.
  2. First Issue. This is a directory of book publishers and others in the book trade who are using Twitter.
  3. Geo Follow. GeoFollow allows you to list yourself geographically and categorically.
  4. GovTwit Directory. The GovTwit directory includes all facets of government on Twitter: state and local, federal, contractors, reporters, academics, judicial branch and more.
  5. Hashtags .Directory of hashtag users on Twitter.
  6. Just Tweet It. A directory of Twitter users sorted by categories. Good way to find new people to follow or list your name to let people find you.
  7. Legal Birds. List of legal professionals on Twitter such as lawyers, law librarians and academics.
  8. Tweeple Rank. This website tracks a number of hashtags that are used to recommend people on Twitter, specifically #FollowFriday, #TweepleTuesday and #MrTweet. Easy to find best ranking twitterers.
  9. Tweet Top. Tweet Top is the latest and greatest from Twitter people on popular topics. All the top tweets all the time.
  10. TweetFind. Free Twitter yellow and white pages directory. Created to help people find new twitters to follow and a place where people can add their own Twitter accounts to a Twitter directory for free.
  11. Tweetminster. TweetMinster is a service that makes it easier to connect the public with politicians using Twitter. TweetMinster helps you track UK politics in real time and to find and follow Members of Parliament and Prospective Parliamentary Candidates.
  12. TweetWorks. Do you have favorite conversation topics? Start or join a group and connect with others who share your enthusiasm.
  13. Twellow. The Twitter yellow pages. Browse through Twitter users to follow them or list yourself to get followers.
  14. Twibs. The place to find businesses on Twitter.
  15. Twitter Groups. Create or join a group of people with similar interests.
  16. Twitter Link Up. Another directory of Twitter users.
  17. Twitter Passion. Directory to grow your business, meet new friends, and network with like minded people! You can search by category and submit yourself as well.
  18. Twitterectory. You’ve guessed it. It’s another Twitter directory where Twitter users will be offered the opportunity to include their names in the list under a particular category making it easier for people to find them.
  19. TwitterPacks. A site where the community recommends fellow Twitter users by topic of interest or geographical area.
  20. WeFollow. A user powered Twitter directory. It displays and categorizes Twitter users according to tags and lists users based on the number of followers they have.

I’m sure you will now be able to find many new interesting people to follow or to get more followers by listing yourself in Twitter directories. If you know of any more Twitter directory sites let us know in the comment.