Tips for Getting the Most out of Twitter

Twitter is the social network which is just 10 years old but has exploded into a cultural phenomenon. A source of breaking news, a forum to engage with celebrities and the political elite, and a medium for social uprising. Twitter has been at the heart of many of the major global events in recent years and due to its real time nature is fast becoming the populations first point of call for the latest insight.

When properly executed, this web 2.0 site has both personal and business changing potential, but it doesn’t come with instructions, and like everything, done badly can cause more damage than good. This site will teach you all the tips you need to know about Twitter, and how to make it work for you whether you are using it for your own personal profile, or for your business.

Twitter For Personal Use

Twitter can be fantastic fun, and with a little time and effort can be a wonderful source of information, brought directly to you 24/7. The key to Twitter is essentially who you follow. These are people who you subscribe to, and everything they tweet/post appears in your feed. This is why it is crucial that you choose the people that you follow carefully.

How People Use Twitter

Twitter is an extremely flexible tool, which can be used in almost unlimited ways. Set up properly it can provide a news alerts system second to none, a sports reporting service, or even a customer services portal. Once you have the knowledge, Twitter can be operated in any way that suits you. On this site, we will be providing you with the tools, tips and the best methods to utilise Twitter to its full effect.

Deciding Who To Follow

As mentioned above, your entire Twitter experience will be based around who you choose to follow, and for which purpose. The good thing about Twitter is that you are not destined to follow the same people forever, you can follow and unfollow people at random, filtering and editing your lists until you are satisfied. But before doing this, you ideally need to have a clear vision of what you are trying to achieve. Obviously, a business user will have totally different requirements and expectations to a private user. We will be providing the best Twitter tips to get you off to a great start, and minimise your learning curve.

Sharing Content

As your Twitter use increases, so should your follower count. Followers in Twitter demand great content, and if you don’t provide this, then unfollowing will happen quickly and without warning. Twitter can be very dynamic, which is both positive and negative. Your followers could explode or collapse in days due to an excellent tweet that goes viral, or a misplaced tweet that causes a furore. The content you share is crucial to this, and so you need to think very carefully before you share content. Any content you do share is like a digital tattoo, once you have published it, you have lose control of that tweet, and it will be there for all eternity. An excellent Twitter Tip is to think very carefully before you hit that tweet button.

Gaining Followers And Then Keeping Them

There are some effective strategies and tips that we can teach you on how to grow your followers. But essentially as with all communication, it will boil down to two things – Content, and communication. People are ravenous for good quality content, and so the better your content, the more your numbers will grow. But Twitter is a direct contact platform, which gives your followers the opportunity to liaise with you directly. If you ignore your followers, and never interact with them, then eventually you will lose followers on a regular basis. You don’t have to interact with every follower, but you do need to engage with at least some, visibly. There is little point working hard to grow your followers if you do not retain them. That’s like trying to fill up a bucket of water, with a hole in the bottom.

Twitter For Business

Quite possibly our favourite topic, and one that is so overlooked by most businesses worldwide. A good Twitter presence can gain you a lot of publicity and business, for a relatively small cost. Once you follow our ideas, some of which can be automated, your followers will grow, and your business customers will feel that they have a direct and personal line to the company easily. If you embrace Twitter as a company, then the benefits are virtually immeasurable.

Tweeting As A Company

Twitter is a very public facing and unforgiving medium. If and when you get it wrong, it can be a public relations disaster. Even something as simple as a spelling error can be retweeted and go viral in a matter of seconds. So it is essential that you limit access to the company Twitter account, so people in whom you have a great deal of confidence, and who understand the medium. Even Facebook and Twitter have different rules and nuances, and your Twitter account is one of the public faces of the company. So think carefully who you are giving the keys to.

Twitter For Customer Service

Twitter can be a fantastic tool for customer service. It is also very public, which can work both for and against you. Handle another customer well, and the publicity can be brilliant for your business, but get it wrong, and a small mistake can turn into a huge PR disaster. That is why Twitter customer service is a proper and full-time role; it requires commitment and investment both in time, money and training. This is not something to be embarked upon lightly.

Twitter is a modern, ever evolving tool and used properly is a huge asset. By following and implementing our tips and advice, you should be able to turn this social media monster into a  positive publicity magnet for your company. With so many of your competitors either ignoring Twitter, or not using it properly, our aim is to make this website a huge asset, and the go to place for your Twitter needs. This site will continually evolve and update as Twitter itself evolves. Bookmark the site and visit regularly, for any and all of the latest tips and tricks. Happy Tweeting!